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Advantages of Live Scan Fingerprinting

Fingerprint recognition is indeed an everyday component of our life; fingerprint recognition is now prevalent on mobile phones, tablets, and even laptops. At the workplace, an increasing number of companies are utilizing biometric scanners to check attendance and manage their employees, in addition to the security benefits they provide, by replacing passwords and door entry codes. It’s clear to see why it’s become the most developed and commonly available biometric security solution on the market because it’s fast, non-invasive, and simple to use. If you’re still not sure if it’s worth it for your firm.

Today, fingerprinting technology has advanced its system by coping with state-of-the-art electronic automation mechanization by using a live scan biometric scanner. Known as Live Scan Electronic, this electronically capturing technology will capture your fingerprints and palm prints in a digitally used format. LiveScan is a completely paperless and inkless fingerprint identification system that allows operators to collect accurate digital fingerprints and palm prints in seconds and deliver them instantly. LiveScan is well-suited for use in law enforcement and civic situations due to its biometric DNA. Smudging, smearing and over or under inking which are connected with ink fingerprinting will be eliminated using these Live Scan techniques. However, your fingerprints are sent instantly to the Department of Justice and is considered as one of the key advantages of live scan fingerprinting.

Live Scan fingerprinting is an ink-free electronic fingerprinting method that scans your fingerprints directly into a computer to identify who a person is and perform a background check. Since no two people’s fingerprints are the same, they are utilized for criminal investigations, background checks, and other purposes. As of today, more employers are increasingly requesting some type of pre-employment background check, but in some circumstances, Live Scan fingerprinting is essential before you can work there.Those who work in schools, medical facilities and construction companies are among them. So, now that we know what Live Scan fingerprinting is and what some of its applications are, let’s look at how it works. It’s actually a lot simpler than you might imagine. Live Scan is quick since all you have to do is fill out the paperwork requesting the Live Scan, choose a location, and schedule an appointment once you receive it.

This wonder software extracts relevant information from the fingerprint known as minutiae points. A trained and certified technician will use a Live Scan system to scan your fingerprints. The live scan system detects features in the print of any orientation in your fingers including loops and whorls and even capable of detecting pores on the skin. This information is then recorded and stored by the software in order to validate the user’s identification in the future. The fingerprints are promptly forwarded through electronic transmission to the proper FBI-Certified channeling agencies for background processing. The electronic fingerprinting session takes only five to ten minutes, afterwhich the technician will signal the applicant to remove his palm when the process is finished. And for some business sectors who need to use fingerprint recognition in their business, the benefits of having a live scan fingerprinting is now considered as a cost-effective security option from a technology management standpoint. Small hand-held scanners that are simple to set up and provide excellent accuracy are also available in the market today.

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