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Epoxy Countertops Installation in Canton, MS
Installing epoxy countertops in Canton, Mississippi is a relatively simple process as long as the prep work is done correctly. In fact, installing epoxy will not take more than an hour or so for a competent homeowner to accomplish. Before beginning any project, it is important to make sure that all surface contaminants have been removed. This includes grease, dust, and dirt. If this step is skipped, then the entire project could turn out to be a disaster as epoxy has a tendency to attract and trap unwanted particles.

Once the surfaces have been cleaned, the next step of epoxy countertops installation in Canton, Mississippi is preparation of the concrete. Typically, this is accomplished by breaking up the concrete into fine particles using a cement shredder. Once these have been broken up, the next step is to apply the concrete powder.

The purpose of this powder is to create a thin, even coating over the countertops. This coating will help to prevent concrete migration and preserve the durability of the countertop through long-term usage. It also has an added benefit of providing a decorative shine.

Once the concrete powder has been applied to the concrete, it is thoroughly mixed with water to make it ready for curing. During this time, the concrete must be allowed to cure for at least 12 hours before it is set into the countertops. Once this has been done, the installation can begin.

The biggest issue that most homeowners face with epoxy countertops in Canton, Mississippi is a lack of preparation. There are some homeowners who believe that this preparation has to be done by a professional. While this may be true for larger projects, smaller countertops typically require only sweeping and some light scrubbing. In many cases, all you need is a mop and a wet cloth. If you have any concerns about getting your countertops installed if you’re not experienced with concrete, then you should contact a professional immediately.

Whether you have an epoxy countertop installed in Canton, or you simply want to install it yourself, you’ll find that this project is easy to do. If you’re unsure about anything or have any questions, a local contractor in the area can help. You’ll be able to find several great deals on epoxy countertops in Canton, Mississippi which can save you money when compared to other installation methods.

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